Current and completed research projects

Current research projects

BelSPO Science

BelSPO BRAIN-be, 2014-2018

Genetic and paleoecological signatures of African rainforest dynamics (AFRIFORD)


BelSPO Science
BelSPO BRAIN-be, 2013-2017

Patterns and mechanisms of climate extremes in East Africa (PAMEXEA)



ICDP + Ugent improved

International Continental Scientific Drilling Programme (ICDP) & UGent Coordinated Research Action, 2013-2018

Two glacial-interglacial cycles (ca. 250,000 years) of climate and ecosystem dynamics on the East African equator (DeepCHALLA)


EU FP7 International Training Network, 2013-2017

Resilience in East African Landscapes: Identifying critical tresholds and sustainable trajectories in past, present and future (REAL)


VLIR-UOS VLADOC, 2013-2017

Vulnerability of tropical crater lakes to water-quality loss: a natural experiment in western Uganda


NatGeo + FWO
National Geographic Society & FWO-Vlaanderen, 2012-2017

Community dynamics of water fleas in East African mountain lakes: integration of (palaeo-) limnology and (palaeo-) genetics



Completed research projects

FWO-Vlaanderen, 2009-2013

Climate and ecological history of the central Sahara: study of a continuous 12,000-year archive


NatGeo + FWO
National Geographic Society & FWO-Vlaanderen, 2007-2012

Aquatic biota in African mountain lakes as indicators for climate change: past, present, future


BelSPO Science & Sustainable Development Programme, 2007-2011

Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on East African ecosystems (CLANIMAE)


IWT-Vlaanderen, 2007-2010

Ostracoda (Crustacea) as paleoenvironmental proxies for Late Holocene climate variability in western Mongolia


European Science Foundation EUROCORES programme EuroCLIMATE & FWO-Vlaanderen, 2005-2008

High-resolution reconstruction of late-Glacial and Holocene climate variability in equatorial East Africa, based on laminated lake sediments from Mt.Kilimanjaro (CHALLACEA)


FWO-Vlaanderen, 2000-2004

Exploration of African crater lakes for paleoclimate reconstruction