IOF-project funding

IOF project funding can be applied at crucial stages of the development track of valorization-oriented projects to offer valuable support to research results/technology with clear value-adding potential.

ConcepTT project can encompass the exploration of an innovative concept, as a first step towards demonstrating a technological feasibility or existing market need. ConcepTT projects are ideal for those projects which need a limited amount of funds within a reasonably short period of time.

StarTT projects form the transition from traditional funding channels for scientific research to the application-oriented development of a valorization project. It is a flexible module that can be used to identify and initiate the valorization track.

Advanced projects offer substantial funding for the maturation of  technology or unique knowledge by supplying technical and industrial proof-of-concept and making them marketable.

Stepstone projects will preferably be applied for to incubate spin-off oriented projects. The aim of these resources is to close the funding gap between industrial proof-of-concept and the establishment of the spin-off company.

ConnecTT projects have a collaboration between at least 2 AUGent association partners. We start with innovative research results or a proof-of-concept at one of the partners. The unique combination of knowledge, expertise and resources available from the various partners contribute to the development of an innovative concept with a view to economic valorisation.


More information about the new ConnecTT-project type