Recording and/or live streaming of lectures

Lecture recordings

The lecturer normally publishes lecture recordings in the Ufora course. This is usually done by the next working day (unless processing and editing takes longer than expected).

Furthermore you will find on a catalogue of lecture recordings of which the availability was not limited to a specific Ufora course.

Live streaming

The lecturer normally communicates the livestream channels via the Ufora course.

On, you will also find an overview of the livestream channels you can access (determined via the Opencast Planner by the lecturers). This replaces the overview of livestream channels based on location.


  • Read our Zoom manual
  • Contact the Multimedia team on 09 264 8573 or  with problems activating your Zoom account
  • Contact the responsible teacher for any other problem

MS Teams



Contact Team Multimedia on 09 264 8573 or