AMD Chair

Age-related macular degeneration ("dry AMD") is the leading cause of blindness in the over-65s population worldwide. To this day, these patients cannot be cured. People of that age are often still very active, blindness takes away their independence. It is even so bad that the disease is the cause of no less than half of the euthanasia requests among the elderly.

It is the donor's specific wish to offer a treatment for this age-related blindness as soon as possible.


The research group of Professor Joris Delanghe (Diagnostic sciences), Guest Professor Elisabeth Van Aken (Head and skin ) and Professor Marijn Speeckaert (Internal diseases and paediatrics ) has been investigating a new possible treatment for dry AMD since 2014. This new drug has already been successfully tested on human tissue and in lab mice through IOF funds. The research is now at the advanced stage where clinical trials need to be planned. However, the implementation of this drug in clinical trials requires a GMP pathway, the costs of which will be covered by the AMD Chair.


Wishes to remain anonymous




Prof. Joris DelangheProf. Joris Delanghe

Joris Delanghe graduated in 1982 as doctor of medicine, surgery and obstetrics and in 1987 as specialist in clinical biology. In 1987 he became a doctor of biomedical sciences, and in 2017 he was appointed full professor. He admired prof. dr. Jacques Timperman, law doctor, for the way he brought judicial medicine.

Gastprof. Elisabeth Van AkenGuest Prof. Elisabeth Van Aken

Elisabeth Van Aken graduated as a doctor in 1997 and became a Doctor of Medical Sciences in 2001. She specialised in ophthalmology. During her studies, her interest in biochemistry was aroused by Prof. Joël Vanderkerckhove. Her favourite spot at Ghent University is the Old Bijloke, where on hot days she could smell blossoms, lab and ancient sweat in the cool corridors.