Onze faculteit verwelkomt acht nieuwe FWO doctoraatsbursalen!

(15-10-2021) 8 nieuwe FWO aspiranten Fundamenteel Onderzoek aan de UGent faculteit recht en criminologie

Het Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) heeft de resultaten van de aanvraagronde Aspiranten Fundamenteel Onderzoek 2021 bekendgemaakt. De faculteit mag maar liefst 8 nieuwe aspiranten verwelkomen!

  • Céline Vangheel - Improving the legal protection of taxpayers in international tax dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Joke Geeraert - Of feathers and birds: The role of offending peers in the transmission of violent offending in offender networks
  • Isabo Goormans - Victims on the Job: A Criminal Event Perspective on the Dynamics Underlying Physical Violence Against Police Officers
  • Evelyn Schapanksky - Protective Factors Against Rape Perpetration: Towards a Strength-Based Approach in Risk Assessment and Prevention of Rape
  • Jasper van den Woestijne - Wise men beyond borders. The transplantation of the French conseil de prud'hommes throughout Europe
  • Lore Roels - You too? No way! Rape mythology applied to credibility assessments of applications based on sexual or gender-based violence in the European asylum procedure
  • Femke Lenjou - Tackling fraud at the border. Understanding the changing nature, role and place of customs in protecting the security, safety and health of the Belgian state.
  • Tobias Mortier - Legislating with the best intentions? Judicial review of the legitimacy of the legislator's aims