Recent verdedigde doctoraten aan de faculteit

van Doorslaer, Hielke (2022). Same as it never was? Monetary politics in an era of lowflation and pending climate crisis. Gent: Vakgroep Politieke Wetenschappen.

Van Trappen, Sigrid (2022). Colourless politics? An examination of party selector's openness to ethnic minority candidates in Flemish local politics. Gent: Vakgroep Politieke Wetenschappen.

Peters, Julia (2022). From Starving Artist to Entrepreneur: A Sociological analysis of justifications in and evaluations of visual artistsgrant proposals between 1965 and 2015 in Flanders. Gent: Vakgroep Sociologie.

- Madenoglu, Dila Naz (2022). Hyphenated identities on facebook: a case study of the construction of diasporic communities of Turkish-Germans on Facebook. Gent: Vakgroep Communicatiewetenschappen.

- Dekeyser, Dieter (2022). Persuasion, Polarization & Contestation: how populist discourse andideology affect theopinionsand attitudes of Flemishcitizens. Gent: Vakgroep Sociologie.

- Tickell, Samuel (2022). "It was never made for TV": niche sport in the age of digital plenitude: a case study of the World Rally Championship (WRC). Gent: Vakgroep Communicatiewetenschappen.