Personalized Advertising

Digital advertisers are searching for new strategies to break through the advertising clutter and attract consumers’ attention. One way of doing so is by personalizing advertisements. Personalized ads are tailored to an individual’s personal characteristics and/or interests. In order to develop these advertisements, the collection of personal information of consumers is needed. This data may result from explicit data collection (e.g. by completing an online questionnaire) or implicit data collection (e.g. by using cookies), and especially the latter raises questions regarding privacy. Children and youngsters are more susceptible for the persuasive intent of personalized advertising and are little aware of privacy concerns. Therefore, several CEPEC researchers are currently investigating the effectiveness of personalized advertising among children and youngsters and how they cope with this new form of advertising.

This topic is currently part of the PhD research of Sanne Holvoet and Laurien Desimpelaere, under the guidance of Liselot Hudders, Veroline Cauberghe, Dieneke Van De Sompel and Laura Herrewijn.