Social work, welfare and health: Realising social rights in inter-professional collaboration

PhD student: Nele Feryn
Summary: (Social) health care systems are faced with different challenges: an ageing population, demographic changes, inequalities, complex health care needs, etc. The complexity and multidimensionality of health and social problems requires a better coordination between the health and welfare sector and the professionals within these services. While the assumption that complex social and health issues are better managed cooperatively is widely endorsed in literature and by policy makers in Belgium, there is no clear insight in the realisation of the right to social services. Therefore, this study aims to examine how the transition of primary care in Flanders takes place at the intersection between social work and health and how (and if) inter-professional collaboration contributes to the realisation of social rights. Additionally, the purpose of this study is to map out the factors associated to the potential learning effects of inter-professional collaboration.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Rudi Roose, Joris Decorte (Department Of Social Work and Social Pedagogy , Ghent University)
Periode of time: March 2019 - March 2025