Compare the incomparable. Decision making on priorities in youth care as a practice of moral judgement

PhD student: Koen Gevaert
Summary: The child care system is under pressure because of the scarcity of resources. The amount of people who ask for care is much bigger than what the care system itself can manage. This problem leads to an important decision-making process on prioritisation: which referral for help must get prior treatment relative to others and why? This question raises a moral dilemma. There is no choice that is unambiguously right; there is only the challenge to make a choice that is as just as it can be. In Flanders, this decision-making process is situated within the concept of Integrated Youth Care. In this doctoral research, we focus on this decision-making process by means of three questions: 1/ Which ethical framework is present in the policy and the legislation concerning this prioritisation?, 2/ What are the characteristics of the decision-making process that actually takes place? and 3/ In what way can this decision-making process be understood as a practice of moral judgement?
PhD in Educational Sciences
Promoter(s): Rudi Roose, Sabrina Keinemans (Research Centre For Social Innovation, University Of Applied Sciences Utrecht)
Starting date: January 2017