Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences


Course                                                                                             Lecturer                                                       Course specifications

History of Psychology                                                                     Filip Geerardyn                                            Course specifications

                                                                                                          Co-lecturer: Jens De Vleminck  

Clinical Psychodiagnostics I                                                            Stijn Vanheule                                              Course specifications

Clinical Psychodiagnostics II                                                           Paul Verhaeghe                                           Course specifications

Psychodynamic Consultation                                                          Paul Verhaeghe                                           Course specifications

Psychoanalytic Therapy                                                                  Mattias Desmet                                            Course specifications

Gender Studies and Sexual Dysfunctions                                      Paul Verhaeghe                                            Course specifications

Case Study and Practicals in Psychoanalytical Therapy               Stijn Vanheule                                              Course specifications

Internship and Ethics                                                                      Stijn Vanheule                                              Course specifications

                                                                                                         Co-lecturer: Ruth Inslegers       

Qualitative Research Methods in Clinical Psychology                 Reitske Meganck                                           Course specifications

                                                                                                         Co-lecturer: Alexis Dewaele                        

                                                                                                         Co-lecturer: Stijn Vanheule

                                                                                                         Co-lecturer: Hanna Van Parys

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy


Course                                                                                   Lecturer                                               Course specifications

Psychological Counseling                                                                Stijn Vanheule                                             Course specifications

Principles of Psychobiography applied to Modern and                 Abe Geldhof                                                Course specifications

Contemporary Art                                                                             Co-lecturer: Filip Geerardyn