Faculty Archive for Research Material


In line with the APA Ethics code standard (section 8.14a), researchers should keep their data available to permit other qualified professionals to confirm the analysis and results. Both the raw data as well as other research related information should be retained for a minimum of 5 years after the publication of the research (APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed., section 1.08, Data Retention and Sharing, p. 12). To meet these guidelines, FPPW researchers can use the Faculty Archive for Research Material for the preservation of analogue research material.

General information

  • The archive is intended for the temporary deposit of research material
  • Make sure that all research material belonging to a 'collection' is related.
  • The archive can only be used for collections of research material in which FPPW researchers are involved.
  • Collections can be stored in the archive for a maximum of 5 years, starting from a predefined starting date. This is by default the publication date but deviations from this default can be agreed upon.
  • The archive has a limited capacity. When no space is left, no new collections will be accepted.
  • The archive boxes should be ordered by the departments themselves. Preferably box types mentioned in the procedureare used.
  • For more information about the procedure to deposit research material in the archive please contact Marc Covents


  • Make sure that all research material belonging to a 'collection' is related. Grouping independent collections of research material will not be accepted.
  • Two types of boxes can be used. If your material is already boxed, please contact Marc Covents.
  1. Big format: Can be obtained from Marc Covents or by ordering them in SAP. Search for Staples Archiefcontainer met deksel 413 x 330 x 266 mm, bruin (doos 10 stuks) ref. 450100
  2. Small format: by ordering them in SAP. Search for Staples Archiefdoos folio, ref. 337328 (1 piece) or ref. 450125 (50 pcs).
  • When the archive boxes are ready and filled, fill out the transfer form (Dutch) and send it in docx format to marc.covents@ugent.be. We will then contact you to arrange the practical transfer of the boxes.
  • Put your personal mark on the boxes as indicated in the transfer form. We will register and mark the archive boxes.


  • Shelf life of a collection begins at the given start date. The start date typically is the publication date of the (last) scientific publication associated with the collection. If during the current shelf life a new publication arises, the start date (and as such also the end date) can be adjusted likewise.
  • Early October of each calendar year the end time of all collections in the faculty archive are checked. For all collections exceeding their shelf life the contact person will be asked to remove the collection from the archive.