Agenda recycling event 12 November

  • 12u30-13u30: sandwich lunch
  • 13u30-13u40: welcome


Session 1

  • 13u40 - 14u00: Kim Ragaert (UGent) - Challenges in mechanical recycling of polymers  
  • 14u00 -14u30: Nico Kimpe (Vanheede) - Polymer recycling outside the comfort zone
  • 14u30 - 15u00: Nathalie Viatour (FostPlus) - P+MD plus: a view on the potential expansion of the recycling of polymer packaging


  • 15u00 - 15u30: coffee break


Session 2

  • 15u30 - 16u00: Christine Levecque (Suez-SITA) - The mission of SUEZ: replacing more virgin plastics with recycled material. 
  • 16u00 - 16u20: Isabel Deschrijver (Centexbel-VKC) - Recycling the 'Unrecyclable': compatibilisation of mixed polymer streams 
  • 16u20 -16u50: Ardy Doelen (Polyscope) - Upcycling of engineering plastics with XERAN technology
  • 16u50 - 17u00: closing remarks


  • 17u00 - 18u30: network reception


All lectures will be in Dutch