Collaboration with NaMiFab

Start working with us in three simple steps

Please don't hesitate to call or mail us, so we can answer your questions!

File a request

Download and fill out the NaMiFab request form (Word, 75kB, 2p.). Please fill out this form in a clear and concise way. After completion send it to .

Feedback from NaMiFab

We will contact you to explain what we can do and we will request more input if needed.

Execution of the work

Once we both agree on how we will tackle the request we can start with the actual work. This will happen in close collaboration, so we are sure we can help you as good as possible.

Request types

At NaMiFab we can do small services or exploratory projects, which can lead to larger research projects in the future. We defined three types of requests, with different duration and requirements for resources. We will do this classification ourself, but it can give you already an idea on how we will handle you request. Also the flowchart below gives you some additional information. Please contact us for further information.

Small requests

Short execution time of a few hours to a few day's. These include straightforward process or inspection steps that do not require specific development.

Medium requests 

Execution time of a few day's to a few weeks in which one or two NaMiFab researchers are involved. These are requests for carrying out an existing process that needs limited optimisation.

Large requests

Execution time of a few weeks to a few months in which multiple researchers are involved. These requests require a combination of several existing process steps to realize a dedicated device or system. The functional prototype can serve as a proof-of-principle for a new idea and can be the starting point for a successful project application or valorization path.


Schematic flow for intake and approval of different project types
Schematic flow for intake and approval of different project types

What's the cost?

The aim of NaMiFab is to lower the barrier and hence the costs for first entry as much as possible. The target is to accommodate new requests free of charge for the user.

In case of recurring (and hence successful) requests, the user will be requested to carry the costs involved, such as consumables, machine time and operator time (at effective cost). Coordination time will not be charged. This invest of own resources can happen in different forms:

  • In case of recurrent smaller projects, the user will be asked to pay for the actual costs involved (after successful trial phase). These include consumables and where applicable operator time. If the requests are irregular (few times per year) the work will be carried out by an operator. If the requests are more regular a researcher of the user group can be trained for accessing the cleanroom and the equipment involved.
  • For example the prototype demonstrators developed in the medium or large projects can serve as the basis to apply for project funding (H2020, VlAIO, FWO,...) or exploitation (licensing, start of spin-off traject). Such projects can then provide the necessary funding for follow up work, including the person power (PhD, postdoc) and funding for consumables etc.

Is it only for UGent? 

No, the same services are available to externals, but under other conditions. Please ask NaMiFab to offer you some advice or practical solutions for your applications.