In the ExperienceTwin Tetra project, we want to use XR (virtual, augmented or mixed reality) to evaluate user experiences within industry. With a focus on user testing as well as training and assessment, we will look at what state-of-the-art tools are available to build interactive digital “experience twins” and how they can be integrated in companies’ existing workflows.

A big part of the project is aimed at capturing and analyzing human behavior during experiences in these virtual environments. For this, we will use both digital assets as well as different technologies such as interaction, eye-tracking, heart rate and electrodermal activity (EDA) measurements to analyze user behavior with great detail and temporal precision. We will make use of our expertise in experimental psychology, 3D development, product design and data analytics to help create digital XR experience twins and to collect and analyze the psycho-physiological data so that we can obtain objective results in user testing or assessment practices that are used to basing conclusions mostly on subjective feedback. We want to translate these insights into certifications, concrete ISO standards on usability metrics, and generate comprehensive reports with insights into user experiences.

The project can be divided into three main aspects:

  • Input
    • How to get all the necessary features in a virtual environment? Which hardware and sensors are currently available?
    • Which adaptations are needed when multiple users will be involved?
  • Platforms
    • Which platforms and frameworks exist that are compatible with certain technologies?
    • How to include visual, auditive, tactile components and interactions?
  • Output
    • What can be the output of XR experiences and how can it be presented (e.g. dashboards, reports, guidelines, …) so that we can use the data in valuable and useful ways?

To conclude, we want to find out how these insights can be translated into a valuable product that can be sold to and by companies. This might be in the form of reports, optimized trainings, process time reduction, … which will all depend on the development of the use cases in this Tetra project.

For more information on ExperienceTwin, please visit our website at www.experiencetwin.org or contact us by emailing to experiencetwin@ugent.be.

ExperienceTwin poster