Affiliated Partners

An overview of instrumentation and expertise available via affiliated partners is shown below:

Fluorescent biosensor imaging


Monitoring and quantitative analysis of signaling dynamics via existing/optimized or newly developed genetically encoded reporters and FRET-based biosensors in (single) living cells and tissues. (more information on the Laboratory webpage)


Biosensor imaging

Wide-field Nikon TiE inverted microscope with:

  • Objectives: 10x and 20x (0.5 NA)
  • Illumination: Lumencor Spectra X LED Light Engine
  • Emission Filter sets and Dichroics (Chroma Technology) on automated filter wheel Lambda 10-B Smart Shutter (Sutter Instrument)
  • Camera : DS-Qi2 CMOS camera (Nikon), 4908 x 3264 pixels
  • OkoLab topstage incubation for CO2 and temperature control
  • Software: Nikon NIS-Elements with JOBS module (Nikon)

Details Equipment configuration 


VIB/UGent Center for Inflammation Research (IRC)

Room W278

Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 71

9052 Gent-Zwijnaarde

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Prof. Dr. F. Riquet: