To ensure funding and continuation of the facility, acknowledgements are essential as they are used as a measure for the impact of the facility. Here you can find templates for acknowledgements in your publications, on posters or grant proposals.

Paragraph for grant proposals

It is possible to collaborate with us for grant proposals. By working with us, instruments and expertise can be assured  which increases the success rate of the project without the need for in-house expertise or instrumentation of the research groups. Please contact us to compose a customized paragraph for your grant proposal.

Paragraph for acknowledgements in publications:

Materials and methods: "____________ was performed by the Ghent Light Microscopy (GLiM) CORE at Ghent University (Belgium)"

Acknowledgements: "We thank the Ghent Light Microscopy (GLiM) CORE at Ghent University (Belgium) for the use and support on following microscopy experiments:__________ ”

Acknowledgement on posters/presentations:

Please add our name "Ghent Light Microscopy (GLiM) CORE" and website ""  to your poster or add it on the acknowledgement slide of your presentation. Optionally, our graphical design can be added.