Research Projects

EPOSM: Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing

EPOSM is an Erasmus+ Sport collaboration between academic and non-academic organisations that investigates sport-related match-fixing in different sport disciplines at the European level. Moreover, this project will also organise training sessions tailored to different sport organisations.

The primary goal of EPOSM is to raise awareness about the prevalence of sport-related matchfixing. Equally important is to stimulate moral judgement about the fact that sport-related matchfixing is wrong. After all, sport-related matchfixing threatens the credibility and attractiveness of sport. Finally, the researchers and stakeholders want to share and transfer their knowledge on sports-related matchfixing through organising training sessions that are tailored to the needs of different sports and sport organisations.

Contact: Stef Van Der Hoeven
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PrOFS: Prevention Of Fraud In Sports

The PrOFS project offers an ambitious, state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary scientific approach to the prevention of fraud in sport. The project aims at a systemic change, made possible by the close cooperation between a wide range of researchers, various stakeholders in the fight against fraud in sport, and the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO).

Starting from a scientific basis, the researchers of the PrOFS project want to develop and test practical tools for the field within the sports sector, such as the fraud in sport barometer, risk audit or crime monitoring. In addition, the researchers also want to provide pracitical solutions such as new legislation, educational workshops or competition reforms, with the ultimate goal of optimising the fight against fraud in sport.

Contact: Prof. dr. Annick Willem
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Research Platform Sport

The Research Platform Sport exists since 1 October 2017 and acts as a research collaboration between the KU Leuven, Free University of Brussels and Ghent University for policy-relevant research in sport in Flanders, funded by Sport Flanders. The platform covers three different research topics:

  • Policy monitoring
  • Sports participation and sport-for-all
  • Motor development in young children.

Our sportmanagement researcher Thomas De Bock works on the research topic policy monitoring and sports participation & sport-for-all, specifically on making sports as accessible and with the lowest possible barriers.

Contact: Thomas De Bock
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In 2017, the Clubgrade project started in cooperation with the Flemish Sports Federation (VSF). Within the Clubgrade project, the research groups Sports Management and Sports Pedagogy are developing and testing (evidence-based) a guidance trajectory for sports clubs from a scientific basis to increase the policy-making capacity of sports clubs. The objective of this guidance programme is to help sport clubs in:

  • Being able to work more professionally
  • Coping with social challenges
  • Meet the high demands placed on sports clubs
  • Have a professional and motivating board.

Contact: Tom De Clerck
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