• Steve Collins, Carnegie Mellon University.
    In 2013, Philippe Malcolm from Ghent University was given the opportunity to study the effect of push-off timing now using the robotic prosthesis emulator from Caputo and Collins at the lab of Experimental Biomechatronics of Carnegie Mellon University
  • Joris Degrieck of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Ghent University has supported our research with improvements in the actuator attachments, force sensing and modeling of our exoskeleton.



Call for collaboration

We are highly interested in partnerships with:

  • Companies who are interested in using our database of optimal actuation and/or optimization method and infrastructure (see technology opportunity document).
  • Engineering scientists who are interested in working on the hardware and/or control of our exoskeletons.
  • Scientists who are interested in using our experimental data to develop and validate simulation models of exoskeleton-assisted walking.
  • Clinicians who are interested to test the exoskeleton in specific patient populations.
  • Engineering labs who develop exoskeletons or prostheses looking for support with conducting walking experiments to test their designs. From 2015 we will have a brand new lab and equipment that is optimally suited to this end.
  • Orthopedic, pneumatic, electronic or mechatronic suppliers who are interested to sponsor the material needs of our research.

You are welcome to contact Prof. dr. Dirk De Clercq to discuss collaboration opportunities.