Test Infrastructure Energy Efficiency in Industry

Test rigs Drive Trains

We have several test setups available to test drive components and subsystems. Both higher power (up to 150kW) as well as low power electrical machines, power-electronics (inverters) and transmissions can be tested. These test rigs are intensely used in our research activities and industrial oriented services related to e.g.

  • the design of new machines (such as axial flux permanent magnet, SynRM, ...),
  • new control methods for these machines incl. sensorless control for e.g. BLDC, Stepper motors, SRM ...
  • advanced modelling of the energy-efficiency of drive trains incl. their components (machines, power electronics and transmissions).

Next to our electromechanical test-rigs, we have a test-rig to test hydraulic systems and components.

Electrical Drive Line relevant to Electromagnetic Variable Transmission (EVT)

Electrical drive line to study a water cooled 80 kW electromagnetic variable transmission or EVT. This electrical machine has two rotors allowing to run generators and loads at different speeds and without any mechanical coupling. The EVT is connected to asynchronous machine drives in order to emulate loads and generators such as wheels and internal combustion engines.

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Advanced thermal measurements

Several test set-ups to extract numerical data about the performance of heat exchangers are available. The set-ups include a.o. a water and wind tunnel, hotwire measurements, Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), infrared (IR) thermography, ... This way we are able to develop heat transfer and pressure drop correlations. They also provide reliable benchmarking data for numerical codes (cycle simulations, full scale heat exchanger simulations or CFD flow field and thermal hydraulic computations).

Next to this we have a dedicated test setup to study the evaporation in tubes and a test setup to study supercritical heat transfer.

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Test rig ORC and Industrial Heat Pumps

At UGent campus Kortrijk we established a test rig to test and measure the performance of ORC systems and industrial heat pumps as well as the different components making part of these systems. The features of the test rig include:

  • State-of-the-art control circuit using Labview
  • Heat source: electric boiler 250kW, smoothly variable 0-100%: first and second heating element are adjustable by the power electronics, other 8 elements can be switched on/off one by one.
  • Cooling circuit: Dry cooler with variable temperature level and difference
  • Several sensors incl. thermographic camera's

Ghent University Combustion Chamber I (GUCCI)

The GUCCI setup is a constant volume combustion chamber (CVCC) with optical access in 2 directions. With this setup it is possible to visualize a single injected diesel spray and combustion under engine-like conditions. Compared to other existing CVCC's, this setup is bigger, allowing the measurement of sprays from e.g. some marine diesel injectors, and is able to deal with viscous fuels.

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