Medical certificate

General information

As a general rule, anyone who wishes to stay for more than 90 days in Belgium must present a medical certificate attesting that they are not suffering from one of the diseases that may endanger public health listed in the appendix to the law of December 15, 1980.

NON – EEA nationals need to undergo a medical examination before a Single permit can be granted. The doctor will fill in the standard medical certificate; and the copy of this document must be added to the Single Permit application. This medical certificate will proof that you do not have an illness that can threaten public health.

In principle, you submit a medical certificate drawn up during the 6 months immediately preceding the submission of your application. If your procedural preparation was delayed for unforeseen conditions, you might therefore be requested to provide a new certificate if the validation date outrival the 6 months.

The document must be filled in mandatory in one of the official Belgian languages by the doctor: Dutch, French, German or English. If it is completed by your doctor in another language (for example Spanish) the document will not be accepted by the Belgian authorities.

Living in a NON-EEA country

If you are living abroad in a NON-EEA country, the certificate must be drawn up by a doctor who is recognized by the embassy or consulate of Belgium that is responsible for processing your visa application. The addresses of recognized doctors can be found on the website of the Belgian embassy in your home country: or by sending an e-mail for this information directly to the embassy. The signature of a licensed physician does not have to be legalized by the embassy post.

If the doctor who established the medical certificate is not approved by the embassy post, his signature must be legalized by the competent local authority, in accordance with the legalization procedure in force in the country. The signature of the competent authority must then be legalized by the Belgian embassy or consulate.

Please make sure to obtain the original document yourself about the medical examination to upload it on the website for Onboarding Documents for International Staff, as some doctors that are allocated to the local Belgian embassy want to send their information directly to the embassy.

Living in or visiting an EEA Country

If you visit a doctor within the EU zone (incl. Belgium) the medical certificate document is automatically acknowledged in Belgium. The medical certificate can be drawn up by any doctor registered with the Order of Physicians. The doctor's signature does not have to be legalized.

If you already live in Belgium but are new to working in Belgium, a medical certificate is also required to start the procedure.