Japan: JSPS and Canon Foundation

Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

JSPS is an independent institution established to contribute to the advancement of science in the fields of natural and social sciences and the humanities. JSPS offers postdoctoral fellowships to young Japanese postdoctoral researchers, enabling them to conduct research at foreign universities or research institutions for a period of two years. The bilateral programs for scientific cooperation and exchange, in which Belgium participates, support scientist exchanges and joint research seminars. Applicants must hold a full-time position as a researcher at a university or research institute in Japan.

The Canon Foundation

The Canon Foundation, set up in 1987, intends to build and to maintain a growing worldwide network of people dedicated to European-Japanese relationships, informal ambassadors in international relations. It offers grants to European and Japanese scholars, preferably to postdoctoral researchers with a maximum age of 40, to carry out research in Japan and in Europe respectively. The research visits last for one year, although shorter stays of 3-6 months are possible.

JSPS receives applications via its on-line application system. Application forms for the Canon Foundation can be downloaded from the organisation’s website.

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