MSCA Doctoral Networks Training and Support Tracks

MSCA Doctoral Networks

Support by the EU team

Support service Timing Content
Eligibility check and helping with administrative and legal issues From concept idea to two weeks before deadline Contact EU-team

Eligibility check for Joint Doctorates

At least 2 months before the deadline
  1. Name of the (foreign) universities with which UGent will enter into a joint doctorate
  2. Specific information on the proposal: admission, selection, supervision, monitoring and assessment procedures for the joint PhDs  (checklist for joint PhD's)

Contact EU-team

Proposal concept discussion

Until 3 months before the deadline Contact Margo Baele

Feedback on written proposal

  • based on first-come, first-served principle
  • send in your proposal as early as possible

Until 2 weeks before the deadline

Contact EU-team


Training on MSCA Doctoral Networks

At Ghent University

External trainers