Costing RDM

It is important to consider the costs (both in time and money) of Research Data Management, so you can plan and budget for this, and even include (some of) these costs when applying for funding.

Keep in mind that proper data management involves far more than just storage for your research data. To estimate the costs of RDM and resources needed for your research project, you also need to take into account all other relevant activities throughout the whole data life cycle.

Costing tools

Some tools and checklists are available to help you work out the costs of RDM:

The UK Data Service data management costing tool and checklist lists all different possible data management activities, with supporting guidelines and comments.

The LCRDM guide on research data management costs is adapted from the UK Data Service tool with a few modifications and additions. For example, it divides the data management activities in six categories according to phases of the data life cycle and provides examples of actual costs for specific activities.

The OpenAire tool to estimate RDM costs for H2020 grants draws inspiration from both the UK Data Service and the LCRDM tools, but with specific adaptations for Horizon 2020 projects.