Ghent University is doing everything that is possible to organize the on campus exams as safe and smooth as possible

(22-12-2021) Because a lot of infections are expected in the coming weeks as a result of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, Ghent University is taking some extra measures.

Rector Rik van de Walle sent the following message to all students and staff of Ghent University on Wednesday, December 22, 2021:

Dear colleagues and students 

On Wednesday 22 December, the Consultative Committee convened to issue extra measures in light of ongoing developments regarding the coronavirus. 

The decisions of the Consultative Committee do not necessitate any changes to the general corona policy at Ghent University. Specifically, on-campus exams will be able to take place as planned.   

Due to a significant increase in the number of infections expected in the coming weeks caused by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, Ghent University plans to instate extra measures to ensure safe and expeditious proceedings during the first semester examination period. 

Experts advise the use of FFP2 face masks in places that see large gatherings of people. One of the reasons for this being recent scientific studies that seem to indicate that the Omicron variant remains airborne longer than was/is the case with previous variants. 

For this reason, it will be mandatory for students taking on-campus exams to wear FFP2 face masks as soon as they enter Ghent University building. Taking the face mask off is only allowed once students have exited Ghent University buildings. It follows that it is mandatory for students to wear an FFP2 face mask while they take examinations. Ghent University employees will hand each student an FFP2 face mask upon entry to Ghent University buildings. Students are therefore not required to bring their own FFP2 face mask. 

Lecturers and supervisors are also to wear an FFP2 face mask as soon as they enter Ghent University buildings to supervise an examination. 

Students and employees who test positive for COVID-19, or are in quarantine or isolation, are, of course, prohibited from coming on campus. Please carefully observe all government guidelines regarding testing, quarantine and isolation. 

We want to offer students that test positive for COVID-19 or have to spend time in quarantine or isolation during the examination period every possible opportunity to take the exams of the first semester regardless. For this reason, the deferred examination period will be extended. 

You will find more information on this subject on the Ghent University website. All other practical information regarding the organization of the first semester examination period is also available there. 

An overview of all corona measures currently in place at Ghent University is available on our corona webpage

The most important corona indicators will be closely monitored during the coming days and weeks. Should new government measures be announced, you will also receive an accompanying corona update, as always. 

Although we face a few difficult weeks to come once more, I hope the holiday season also brings with it some peace and joy.  

I want to wish each and every one of you a happy new year, and a fortuitous and healthy start to 2022. 

Rik Van de Walle