Education Quality Board: Composition

Ghent University’s Education Quality Board (EQB) consists of members with complementary expertise, as did the external assessment panels of old. The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (in Dutch: NVAO) sets the following conditions for external assessment panels: 

“Each panel features a combination of specific forms of expertise, which are required to conduct an authoritative assessment: specialist expertise, international expertise, practical expertise, educational expertise, quality assessment or audit expertise and student-related expertise. The panel members do not need to be experts in a single field, each panel member may contribute multiple forms of expertise. The panel members are expected to be capable of conducting a substantive and in-depth interview with the programme or institution within the context of the assessment. Furthermore, each panel member must be independent. This means that they must not have any interest, in either a positive or a negative sense, in the result of the assessment”  

To achieve this, the EQB counts among its members a delegation of four external experts. As far as the in-house experts are concerned, there is a  balanced constellation of experts who can contribute ideas and take quality assurance decisions independently of their statute. The members do not act as representatives of their section or faculty, but become part of the university’s monitoring and guiding body. A diversity of statutes offers added value in terms of complementary expertise.

Composition of the EQB: 

Chair: Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor  
Voting members in addition to the chair:  

  • Director of Education Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij
  • four professorial staff members 
    • Koen De Bosschere (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)
    • Emelien Lauwerier (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences)
    • Luc Tirry (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
    • Bertel De Groote (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) 
  • two students (for the period of September 2021-July 2022) 
    • Mattias Niels (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)
    • Tibo Roelants (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
    • deputies: Farhat Mahjor (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences) and Lisa Ronsyn (Faculty of Sciences)
  • two assistant academic staff members (for the period of September 2021-July 2022) 
    • Tijs Rotsaert (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)
    • Sofie Vercoutere (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy)
  • two technical and administrative staff members (for the period of September 2020-July 2024) 
    • Wim Hoste (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
    • Tine Lievrouw (Faculty of Sciences) 
  • four external experts from the field (for the period of September 2020-July 2024)
    • Lucien Bollaert
    • Guido Galle
    • Cis Van Den Bogaert
    • Mieke Dhoore 

The Quality Assurance Office provides secretariat services for the Education Quality Board. 
The composition of the EQB is reviewed every four years. Regularly appointed members may serve for a maximum of two four-year terms. Looking ahead at the Quality Conduct 3.0, the composition and role of the EQB will be assessed in the course of 2023.