I want to offer an internship

BIS-internship for highly educated non-native speakers

Who can follow this internship?

Job seekers·

  • with a benefit (RVA) or living wage (OCMW)
  • with a foreign origin from outside the European Union
  • with permanent residence status
  • with permission to work in Belgium
  • with a master's degree obtained in Belgium (or declared equivalent by NARIC)
  • with a B2 certificate of the Dutch language
  • with a domicile in Ghent
  • with an availability of approximately 6 months to do an internship with a training contract (no employment contract)·      
  • with great motivation to gain work experience (< letter and intake interview) 

What does the Department of Personnel and Organization (DPO) offer?·      

  • An internship mentor for administrative support
  • A language coach
  • A job application trainer
  • An internship allowance for the intern of approximately 425 euros per month (supplemented by the same amount adjusted by the faculty department )

Also, under the condition of social research:

  • Transport expenses for the intern
  • A laptop on loan
  • Childcare costs

What does the faculty department offer?

  • An exciting internship of about 6 months, depending on the training plan approved by VDAB
  • A job coach who supports the trainee in sharpening the professional competences
  • An internship allowance of approximately 425 euros per month (supplemented by the same amount adjusted by DPO)