Psychological guidance

Need for guidance

As a student it is not every day a party: sometimes you have a lot on your mind or it is difficult to find your way.

Did you know that for any matter - no matter how small or 'innocent' it seems - you can go somewhere? So don't keep it bottled up!

Psychological guidance

Do you experience study-related or personal difficulties? Don't just keep them to yourself, even if it seems minor. 

Group offer

Student in Warme Stad Gent organizes free workshops for all Ghent students.
Be sure to check out the offer! There are both one-off sessions and trajectories that consist of several sessions.
Places are limited, so register soon!
New group offers will be online at different times! So check the webpage regularly!

Student psychologists

In the Study Advice Department, student psychologists are available to guide students who have gotten into trouble with their studies.
Training and individual coaching are free.

External psychological counseling

Can the student psychologists not or insufficiently guide you?
Then they can refer you specifically to an external psychologist.

  • You can go to conventional psychologists for affordable psychological counseling.
    You can follow sessions at a reduced rate of € 11 (or € 4 with an increased allowance).
  • Can't you go to a conventional psychologist?
    Then you can request financial support for following this external psychological counseling.
    Submit your application for financing via Oasis in the student portal of the Social Services.


  1. You are a student at Ghent University with a diploma contract of at least 27 credits (exception: diploma year).
  2. You are registered for a bachelor's degree, master's degree, educational master's degree, preparatory program or bridging programme.
    This until obtaining a 1st master's degree. for advanced training (eg ManaMa, postgraduate, ...) and the preparatory programs for this, you cannot get a student grant.
  3. You will receive psychological counseling from a 'licensed' psychologist.