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What does the future hold for our students, PhDs and Postdocs? Ghent University has taken multiple initiatives to support them in their search for a job.

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Wondering what your future will bring?
What starting a career will be like?
How to take your first steps on the labour market?

The Student Career Hub offers information, tips and tools to get you started.

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200703_D-TEACH_illustraties_UGent_Career Hub_LQ1PhDs and Postdocs

The PhD Career Hub helps early career researcher take the next step. It contains information and exercises to better understand professional values and motivations. The hub also helps them find opportunities and provides tools and tips to apply for jobs.

The PhD Talent Pool Flanders is a unique career platform organized by the 5 Flemish universities to better align the supply and demand for PhD Talent. The Pool helps smoothen the transition of skilled PhD degree holders to the labour market, and supports employers in their search for the best employees.visual PhD Talent Pool

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