Market research methods - F000696

Specific course requirements

All classes for this course are scheduled in an intensive six-week time frame, from week 1 until week 7 during the first semester. It includes a lot of group work and class participation several days of the week.

Market research has recently become even more important in marketing. Companies and organizations need creative ideas for new product development now more than ever. Understanding consumer behavior is very important in order to develop and offer new marketing propositions.

To participate in the course, it is necessary to possess a good knowledge of ‘business research methods’ and ‘elementary statistics’.

In order to test your basic knowledge, we will organize a pre-exam on Tuesday 24/9 at 5:30 P.M. classroom 1.2 ( first floor Hoveniersberg) for all exchange students (not applicable for degree students).

Students will be asked to interpret an SPSS output of a chi-square analysis, a t-test, a one-way ANOVA, a simple regression analysis, and a Cronbach alpha. In order to be allowed to take the course, one must pass this test. Because a lot of the discussions (problem based learning) will be in English, a good knowledge of English is a prerequisite.

In order to be allowed to take the course, one must pass this test!


Since active participation is required, this implies the following:

  • Register this subject on Ufora in the week before the start of the academic year, i.e. September 23, 2019. If you fail to do so, you will not be assigned to a group for assignments or even pass this course.
  • Be present and actively participate in the lectures and tutorials
  • Regularly check the announcements on Ufora in the first week of the semester for the exact groups, time schedules of tutorials and the different roles.


In contrast with most other courses, there is no theory exam foreseen, this course has been conceived rather differently based on practical cases that have to be solved by the students.

  • Lectures will give you the basic theoretical knowledge. The first lecture starts on Thursday 26/9 at 1 P.M. and is obligatory!
  • Tutorials will enable you to develop skills required to analyse and evaluate complex Market Research cases. Therefore, the students are expected to integrate the information of the tutorials with the specific context of the topic.
  • Supervisions will improve your social and communicative skills.


All these skills are developed by means of an alternative form of learning, problem based learning, in which you will have to solve problems in small groups.

The small groups are chosen in the first lecture, Thursday 26/9.
Be sure you are present in the first lecture otherwise your access to this course will be denied.

You are required to be present during lectures, tutorials, supervisions and case discussions: If you are absent without a valid reason, you cannot pass this course. Please notify (in advance!) the discussion leader, the lecturer and the pedagogic teaching staff of your absence. This is a very important attitude that is taken serious in this academic world as well as in the corporate culture.

The evaluation for this course is only (100%) permanent evaluation. Students who fail in the first term will not be able to retake the course in the same academic year. Feedback can be obtained after the end of the module (in summary format).’ It’s in your own advantage to pass during the first term.


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General course specifications

Consult the general specifications of this course in the exchange programme in economics and business admin.