Combustion, fire & fire safety

Upcoming conference:

Conference 26TH "JOURNEES D'ETUDES" of the Belgian Section of The Combustion Institute


In this group, the following research topics are addressed:

Numerical simulations of non-premixed turbulent combustion

  • Spray combustion
  • Differential diffusion effects in combustion
  • CMC modelling in the context of fire


  • Numerical simulations of fire and smoke dynamics in the built environment
  • Modelling of multi-phase aspects in fire and smoke dynamics (in particular water droplets and soot)
  • Modelling of extinction
  • Data driven approaches to fire safety engineering
  • Full scale fire tests (in the facilities of WFRGENT NV)

More information:


Permanent staff

  • Tarek Beji (multi-phase aspects in fire and smoke dynamics)
  • Bart Merci (Turbulent combustion; fire and smoke dynamics)


  • Georgios Maragkos (Differential diffusion in combustion simulations)

PhD students

  • Soheila Bigdeli (FESG) (Data driven approach towards evacuation from buildings in fire conditions)
  • Alessandro D'Ausilio (Modeling of turbulent spray combustion)
  • Boris Kruljevic (Flame extinction and carbon monoxide emissions in compartment fires)
  • Junyi Li (Experimental and numerical study of fire dynamics in passive houses)
  • Yuanjun Liu (joint PhD with Wuhan University) (Experimental and numerical study of combined longitudinal ventilation and water systems in tunnels)
  • Xiepeng Sun (joint PhD with USTC) (Fire development inside compartments and ejecting flames on facades)
  • Martin Thielens (Modelling of water sprays in fire-driven flows)
  • Mingcian Hong (Modelling of liquid pool fires in a confined and mechanically ventilated compartment)



  • Xavier Deckers (Fire safety engineering)

IMFSE administrators

  • Lies Decroos