UGENT-letters 3D printed in concrete

(26-02-2021) ‘UGENT’ letters positioned in front of the Magnel-Vandepitte laboratory!

The acronym for Ghent University was 3D-printed with concrete, layer by layer by means of a technology known as: 3D concrete printing (3DCP).

The technology developed at the Department of Structural Engineering & Building Materials definitely belongs to top world level. Recently, there was a concrete bridge printed and a tower realized in only a matter of minutes. 

“This technology allows us to rapidly craft very complex 3D objects, without the need for formwork”, thus researcher Gieljan Vantyghem.

Recent research at this department focusses on diverse topics, such as optimizing structural concrete elements, determining the strength evolution of the material in time, the development of additives that accelerate the hardening of the printing material, and also on the durability of the printing material. 

By exposing the letters, UGent wants to investigate the durability of the printed material on the long term. The influence of frost/thaw cycles, moss growth, UV-radiation,… are being examined this way. The company Nanoskin, producer of water/dirt-resistant nano-coatings, contributes to this project. Their specially developed coating for 3D-printed concrete is completely ecological, colorless and very user-friendly.

Not all letters were treated with this product. An invitation for you to discover the visual differences in time! 

UGENT 3D-geprint

Oddly Satisfying Video of Concrete Printing Experiment