PUPA 1.0 (IWT 130725) (2014)

CICI ( Call for Innovation in the Creative Industries ) is an initiative of Flanders DC and  IWT (Agency for Innovation through Science and Technology). The goal is to achieve cross-fertilization between different disciplines in setting up innovation projects because it is becoming increasingly clear that innovation often happens outside the lab and requires more than research and development .


In this context the Department of Textiles set up a project together with artist Frederik De Wilde.

The PUPA 1.0 project  aimed at the development of a 3D printed handbag and scarf with interactive functionality and inspired by nature. The handbag is inspired by a pupa, which is a life stage some insects pass through. The scarf resembles  the pattern of a butterfly in which the colors are ‘developed’ using a mathematical model starting from the eyes and the veins of the  butterfly wings.

Input was received by the companies Delvaux and Xandres to carry out the project.



pupa2 pupa3



Prof. Dr. Lieva Van Langenhove ()

Dr. Carla Hertleer ()