Functionalised nanofibre membranes for water filtration (Annelies Goethals) (2011 - 2014)

The aim of this project is to better understand the production and action of functionalised nanofibre membranes for their applications in water filtration (with special focus on pathogen removal, biofouling decrease and flux increase).

The department of Textiles is cooperating with the departments Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences of the University College West Flanders.

The aim is to acquire basic knowledge on:

  • the polymer material to be used,
  • the functionalising (nano)particles,
  • the functionalising and spinning mechanism,
  • the mechanical properties,
  • the properties of the functionalised nanofibre membranes for water filtration.
polyamide nanofibres

PA nanofibre functionalised with silver nanoparticles