Be it for certification of construction products or sports grounds, CTSE is always a good choice, with our University certificates being valued worldwide. For CE marking of building products, such as floor covering, geotextiles and concrete fibres, contact our notified lab (n° 1611).

ERCAT, our artificial turf division, is approved for certification of sports field and area’s in many different sports (e.g. FIFA, FIH, World Rugby).


The Centre for Textile Science and Engineering can help you to obtain a CE certificate for flooring, according to the following standards:

  • EN 14041: CE floor covering (textiles, resilient en laminate)
  • EN 14342: CE wood floor covering
  • EN 14904: CE floor coverings for sports areas
  • EN 1504-2: CE products and systems for protection and repair of concrete structures
  • EN 13813: CE floor screeds

Our Notified Laboratory nr. is 1611.

We can help you with fire properties, anti-static properties and thermal resistance.


CTSE also offers accredited tests according to harmonized standards, which can be used for CE–labelling and (private label) certification purposes:

  • EN 13249, EN 13250, EN 13251, EN 13252, EN 13253,
  • EN 13254, EN 13255, EN 13256, EN 13257, EN 13265

For these tests, we cooperate with the certification body COPRO.

Fibres for concrete

CTSE also offers accredited tests, needed for CE-certification of polymeric and metallic fibres for concrete structures. For these tests, we usually cooperate with the certification body WTCB.