Industrial Services

Apart from research and education in the broad field of polymers, textiles and fibre based structures, the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) also holds a long and strong tradition in services offered to industry and society. This way, we can also meet your needs today. You can count on our accredited lab for the testing, classification and certification of your products.

What distinguishes us from many other labs? Given our university background, we do not limit ourselves to routine tests, but when desired, we dig deeper, analyze more thoroughly and look broader. You can contact us for advice, training, research and development of new standards and test methods, and so much more. Thanks to our support, you are always one step ahead.

A team of experienced professionals is at your disposal, that is committed to

  • scientific understanding
  • quality analysis
  • confidentiality
  • quality of service
  • customer satisfaction and good customer relations 

UGent Centre for Textile Science and Engineering is accredited by BELAC under certificate number 055-TEST: Accreditation Scope


 Contact us at +32 9 264 57 35 or e-mail to for more information on how we can help you.