Engineering architecture students built dome in bamboo

(08-04-2022) Second year-students engineering architecture and several talented youngsters from youth home 'Troelant' used their talents to construct a summer'dome' at the Ter Beke site.

During the Easter holidays they've start building a dome of with a diameter of 12 meter. The whole dome is constructed with bamboo, a reusable building material with a small ecological footprint. The project is called Do Bamboo and was realised by students from our faculty, led by professor Jan Belis.  The last couple of weeks they've made several test set-ups to secure the bamboostructure onto the concrete foundation. Those tests revealed big differences in strength depending on the chosen building materials. 

The final design for project 'Do Bamboo' was chosen out of 48 submitted designs. The project tests the carrying capacity of bamboo as a building materials for large scale constructions. If everything goes according to plan, the dome will be finished by April 8. 

The dome in Sinaai serves as a test for an upcoming largers project in animal zoo Planckendael (Mechelen). Ghent University will built to large towers in the animal park. By constructing Do Bamboo they were able to make an estimation. The dome makes the Ter Beke site a lot more attractive. Lots of activities will take place under the dome this summer and it will serve as a summerbar. The place to be in Sinaai! 


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prof. dr. ir.-arch. Jan Belis

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 60
9052 Zwijnaarde