Kamiel Ceusters wins SCK CEN Best Master Thesis Contest

(22-12-2022) The Best SCK CEN Master thesis 2021-2022 award goes to Kamiel Ceusters for his impressive work.

Each year, SCK CEN supports over 50 BSc and MSc students with their thesis work or internship. Every year they organise the 'SCK CEN Best Master Thesis Contest' and grant an award to the two most impressive Master’s theses that have been written in their laboratories. The award winners receive a prize of € 1000.

This year, Kamiel Ceusters received the award for his work on Numerical study of cavitation in liquid-bismuth eutectic. 

  • SCK CEN mentor: Mikhail Iarmonov
  • University promoter: Joris Degroote (UGent - EA)