Services Soete Laboratory

Soete laboratory offers industrial services in component design, material characterization, testing and consultancy. Our strength lies in the fields of tribological investigation, fracture mechanics and fatigue. Both experimental and computational expertise is available to provide a broad spectrum analysis.





Key competences in tribology: advanced lubrication, erosive/abrasive wear, friction and wear of advanced materials (ceramics, polymers and composites, self-lubricating materials) Tribology: e.g. Natural Fibre Composite (left) and visualisation of abrasive wear (right)


Fracture mechanics

Key competences in the field of fracture mechanics range from crack initiation to failure analysis with an special focus on the assessment of welded structures such as pipelines. fracture mechanics Labo Soete - Ghent University


Fatigue and lifetime assessment

Key competences in the field of fatigue focus on the assessment of lifetime of structures and mechanical construction both in the fields of tribology and fracture mechanics. Fatigue and lifetime assessment


Test infrastructure

infrastructure at Soete Laboratory large scale roller bearing test setup - Soete Laboratory - Ghent University



Industrial services and valorisation

For all questions related to services of Soete Laboratory, please contact our dedicated project manager:


Dr. Koen Van Minnebruggen 
Manager - Industrial projects
Tel : +32 9 331 0473
E-mail :


Partners: metal consortium

Soete laboratory is in close collaboration with the UGent valorization consortium Metals, active in Metals R&D from nano to mega.


Dr. Karen Hemelsoet 
Business developer - Metals consortium
Tel : +32 9 331 0491
E-mail :