Staff and contact details


Animal Nutrition Unit
Heidestraat 19
9820 Merelbeke


Tenured Academic Staff

  • Geert Janssens (full professor; head of the research unit)
  • Sam Millet (visiting professor; pig nutrition)
  • Marcus Clauss (visiting professor; comparative nutrition)
  • Ellen Dierenfeld (visiting professor; tropical and exotic animal nutrition)


Practical Assistant

  • Luk Sobry

Administrative and technical staff

  • Carolien Rogiers
  • Donna Vanhauteghem

Post-doctoral co-workers

  • Alireza Khadem (additives in animal nutrition)
  • An Cools (animal nutrition, pigs in particular)
  • Annelies De Cuyper (comparative carnivore nutrition; brown bears)
  • Arturo Muñoz Saravia (aquatic nutritional ecology)


PhD Students

  • Awot Teklu Mebrato (sustainable nutrition of fish and poultry)
  • Erick Zender Loayza Torrico (nutritional ecology of killifish in Titicaca Lake)
  • Kobe Buyse (tannins in poultry nutrition)
  • Madri Brink (nutritional strategies to lower ammonia emission in poultry)
  • Mengmeng Sun (amino acid profile in felid prey)
  • Metekia Tamiru (sustainable feeding of tropical poultry)
  • Renjie Yao (diet structure and amino acids in suckling piglet nutrition)
  • Sagni Gobena (tropical fish nutrition)
  • Sylvie D’Hooghe (animal fibre in felids)
  • Yunhan Zhang (animal fibre and mineral bioavailibility)