Master of Statistical Data Analysis Day - edition 2018

On March 29, 2018, we had the second edition of the Master of Statistical Data Analysis Day edition 2018. Our keynote speaker was Suzanne Jak from the university of Amsterdam. The topic of her talk was the use of the split/analyze/meta-analyze approach to analyze big data.


Big data analysis is quite popular in business industries, marketing, and various other fields of research. In psychology, or social sciences in general, research using big data is relatively scarce. Since psychology is a discipline in which a strong emphasis is placed on behavioral theories and empirical research, psychological researchers have the potential to contribute significantly to the big data movement. One of the reasons for the non-use of big data may be the lack of computational skills that are needed to perform the statistical analyses. In this talk she will present a split/analyze/metaanalyze approach that allows psychologists to easily analyze big data. Two real datasets are used to demonstrate the proposed procedures in R. She will end with a discussion of some problems associated with using big data for research.