WP4: Valorisation

The value of research lies not (only) in the research findings as such. An even more important role is given to the dispersion of these research results. Valorisation of research finding can be divided in two main parts. First, with scientific valorisation we refer to the publication of journal papers, (contributions in) books, presentations on scientific conferences etc. Second, popular valorisation includes the dissemination of research results to policy makers, practitioners, stakeholders and the broader public.

Given the importance of both types of knowledge transfer, the consortium focuses on the following initiatives:

  • With respect to scientific dissemination:
    • Help researchers determine an appropriate publication strategy, taking into account both their own research and the importance of certain outlets in academia today
    • Set up a thematic book series as an outlet for particular research findings
    • Take initiatives to improve the publication culture within the consortium
  • With respect to popular dissemination:
    • Support consortium members in the organisation of workshops, (press) conferences
    • Actively disseminate results to stakeholders
    • Promote publications in popular media