Naïma Lafrarchi

Naïma Lafrarchi

Social Histiry since 1750 , Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Conflict and Development Studies , Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Phone: +32 9 331 02 88

Research themes: Education and training || Identity || Discrimination, racism and prejudice || Civil society, social work and solidarity

Naïma Lafrarchi holds a law degree, Master of Science in Instructional and Educational Science, and a Master in Educational Science specialisation 'Curriculum Development and Innovation'. Lafrarchi also worked at the Knowledge Centre of the Higher Institute for Family Sciences of Odisee University College (Brussels) as a project supervisor and were she conducted research regarding religious ideals of Flemish Muslim parents and Muslim youngers in Belgium/Flanders (Odisee). She is a former lecturer in the Master’s programme in Islamic Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven). Her first book ‘Does religion makes a difference?’ is launched in 2017 in presence of the Minister of Education, Hilde Crevits, as well as national and international experts. Currently, she is working on a research project which aims to develop a didactical-pedagogical tool to support history teachers in Flemish secondary education to deal with controversial and historical sensitive topics.

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