High-throughput phenotyping of lime tolerance in Rhododendron genotypes


Rhododendron species have high ornamental value but they are restricted to acidic soils because their limited tolerance to lime soils with high pH. To enhance the adaptability and make optimal use of the abundant Rhododendron genetic resources, efficient methods for screening genotypes with lime tolerance should be developed.
My research focuses on developing high-throughput phenotyping methods for screening Rhododendron genotypes with lime tolerance. At the beginning, the lime tolerance potential of Rhododendron species distributed in China were predicted based on abundant herbarium specimens and geochemical data. Then high-throughput phenotyping methods based on RGB, chlorophyll fluorescence and spectrum imaging will be developed and validated for screening tolerant genotypes growing in-vitro, hydroponic and pot cultivated conditions.




Shusheng WangShusheng Wang