MSc. Ummehani Hassi

MSc. Ummehani HassiAbout

Ummehani completed her BSc. and MSc. in Soil, Water and Environment from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She did her MSc. thesis on ‘Arsenic phytoremediation of rice fields’. After graduation, she joined the Climate Change Unit of the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) and worked on ‘ICTs for Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh’ as program assistant. She voluntarily worked with the SoFer research group for one year and was then awarded a full PhD scholarship from the Ghent University special research fund (BOF-UGent). In this PhD she will focus on multi-trophic interactions between microbivorous and herbivorous micro- and mesofauna and their implications for nutrient cycling and plant growth, under the supervision of Prof. Stefaan De Neve and Dr. Mesfin T. Gebremikael.


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, room B38.11.110.023