Weijie Zhang

Weijie Zhang specializes in ecohydrology, modeling ecosystem water-carbon coupling and estimating ecosystem water flux based on eddy covariance datasets.

BioWeijie Zhang

After a three-year master study in the topic of tree ring and climate at Nanjing University in China, I moved to the exciting field of ecohydrology and focusing on understanding ecosystem water carbon coupling and estimating evaporation (or evapotranspiration)  as well as its components at MPI-BGC. Being a early career refresher, I have a wide of interests in the terrestrial-atmosphere interactions and ecohydrology related topics and an increasing curiosity in quantifying and understanding the different components in evaporation, or evapotranspiration. After a comprehensive diagnose of the uncertainties in eddy covariance water flux measurements over most sites in FLUXNET2015, I am trying to quantify the evapotranspiration components and their fractions from the global perspective using a machine learning upscaling approach. I luckily become a part of Diego Miralles’ research team in Ghent to learn more about the potential of widely applied process models and the promising hybrid models in terms of the global hydrology.


Address: Hans-Knöll-Straße 10 - Room C2.008c

              07745 Jena, Germany

E-mail: wzhang@bgc-jena.mpg.de


2020–present: PhD candidate, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry and Ghent University

2017–2020: Msc. In Physical Geography, Nanjing University

2013–2017: Bsc. In Physical Geography and Resource Environment, Xinjiang University

Recent and ongoing projects

2021-present: FLUXCOM

Selected publications

  • Zhang, W., Shi, J., Zhao Y., Shi, S., Ma, X., Zhu, Y. December–March temperature reconstruction from tree-ring earlywood width in southeastern China during the period of 1871-2016, International Journal of Biometeorology, 65(6), 883–894, 2021.