If you hold credit certificates, previously acquired qualifications, an aptitude certificate on the grounds of previously acquired competencies,  you may request the Curriculum Committee to be exempted from certain course units of the study programme in question.

The regulations on exemptions can be found in Article 29 of the Education and Examination Code.

How to apply for an exemption

It's up to you to prove that the content and learning outcomes realized in a course unit have already been acquired in course units for which credits were obtained. You can check the content and learning outcomes in the course catalogue.

You will need to submit a completed application file. This file contains

  • a list of course unit(s) from which you want to be exempted. Indicate the correspondence in contents and learning outcomes between the course unit(s) for which an exemption is requested and the course unit(s) on which the request is based.
  • the course specifications of the course unit on which the request is based. These are the course specifications from the academic year in which you have obtained a credit for that particular course unit.
  • certified copies of official university transcripts or university degree certificates
Submit your file by mail to the Learning Track Counsellor

All exemptions for course units have to be requested

  • before 15th of November for courses units taught in the first semester
  • before 1st of March for course units taught in the second semester or for year courses

And next....

Curriculum committee

The curriculum committee will decide if an exemption can be awarded. You will be notified by mail.

Personal Curriculum

Course units from which you are exempted are part of your curriculum. The Faculty Student Administration will register the exemptions in OASIS.

Depending on the number of ECTS credits you are exempted for, you may be eligible to follow a personalized learning track (GIT). More information on GIT.

You do not agree with the decision of the curriculum committee?

Students may file an appeal against the decision to refuse an exemption with the Institutional Appeals Committee, as specified in article 81 of the Education and Examination Code.

Learning Track Counsellors