Join us in welcoming the three new members of ANSER

(25-01-2023) Last November three institutions joined the ANSER network. That brings us to a total of 42 members, of which 7 are non-profit organisations and 35 academic institutions. Meet the new members from Switzerland, Germany and Kenya:

The Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland will be represented by Milena Wegelin and Anina Häfliger. The School of Health Professions, Midwifery Division of Bern University of Applied Sciences has proven to have significant expertise in the field of sexual and reproductive health both in their educational programmes and in their research work. In recent years they have worked on topics such as migration and motherhood, sexual and reproductive health in women after forced migration, and perinatal health care provision with asylum seeker centres, among others. Their solid research and experience will undoubtedly be an important contribution to our work.

Secondly, the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and in particular the research group "Varieties of Reproductive Regimes", led by Dr Hannah Zagel based in Germany, is joining the network. This research group seeks to understand the interplay of reproductive politics, inequalities, and norms from a comparative perspective. Their innovative approach to understanding the links between research and reproductive policy will be a major contribution to our work.

And finally, Amref International University (AMIU) from Kenya will be added to the list of members. AMIU specialises in health sciences and is committed to developing innovative programmes and research that address the present and future needs of the African continent. Some of the topics they are currently working on are addressing adolescent girls' harmful practices with innovative digital methodologies, assessing midwifery competencies in applied maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition, and evaluating the national Papillomavirus Vaccination Programme strategy in Kenya.

We are excited about their contribution and look forward to future collaboration.